So yes, people can and do get in trouble for lying at the MEPS. The military believes in hones. People actually lie to get enlisted to have the military pay later for treatmeant. i did just as my recruiter said and didn't tell them anything about my medical history. I never told anyone. Lying at MEPS I’ve seen a lot of posts covering this today, and I really just want a straight answer. This depression lie is actually dangerous because it keeps people who need depression treatment from getting the help they desperately want and need. Go figure: Woman sentenced to 8 years in prison for something Eric Holder said never ha... Why is it so hard for military members to say something when they see a fellow brother...? Here in CA I don’t think there is a … If at MEPS you admit to using ADHD medication such as adderall or ritalin you will be disqualified. Special Ops is something I really want to do, mainly with the 75th Ranger Regiment. Probably not a bad idea to talk to a military mental health provider about your depression, and a military defense counsel about what the consequences might … If you are going to lie, my advice would be dont get depression in the next 4 years. I don't know of anyone I served with that knowingly lied. What happens if I bring it up to the counselor/ doctor? General Discharge. Thank you for the advice. He was informed at that time that the FBI criminal background investigation discovered the juvenile felony conviction. Is it best to just keep denying ever being depressed or tell the truth? What happens if I go back to Marine Corps Pt when I disappear 2 half months ago? The one's who tell you to tell the truth that you'll get caught and be discharged after further questioning don't know anyone it's happened to. As far as the half war comment, way to go on reading sarcasm. What will happen if I come clean about lying at MEPS? So yes, people can and do get in trouble for lying at the MEPS. Alright so my little brother joined the Marine Corps a while ago. There is a chance the CORP will find it when they do your clearance checks, so that's up to you. Get your answers by asking now. Once a doctor at MEPS makes the recommendation it’s passed to a recruiting commander for the military branch you are seeking to join. Now I’ve been referred to behavioral health for depression. I had a few surgeries from 3-10 to repair a deformity … Each military branch handles medical waiver reviews differently but usually goes through several layers of approval. I know there are different security clearances but what if you are just going in and just want a regular MOS that doesn't need top secret security clearances how much do they dig? If I end up going to the military I will do everything they tell … Recruiter told me to lie at meps? But I wasn't really depressed I was just … Honestly, most people that lie in MEPS dont get caught, but this still doesnt make it right. There are several areas of the military application where it is easy to make mistakes, and several where you may think it makes sense to tell a lie. 6/20; Toggle navigation. It seems like 24/7 recruiters are instructing people to lie at MEPS to keep themselves out of sticky situations that may require waivers. Unless you are 110% sure it wont come up again, i would be completely honest. Just want to figure out what will happen.. Let me preface my response with this: I understand very well how personally important military service can be for people... it was for me. 3. The recruiter instructed the recruit to lie at MEPs, and the recruit was enlisted in the Delayed Enlistment Program. So i was wondering are there many dishonorable discharges for this and how deep do they dig in your past? That is half. Since the government doesn’t have the resources to get every medical record on every recruit (because it costs a lot of money, electronic medical records are not all compatible with all computer systems, and people move from doctor to doctor) … Discharge? However, once people arrive at reception, they tend to let it be know so they have a way out before shipping off to bootcamp. But that Option 40 won't be around for long. No, I was on anti-depressants before I left and had migraines. I don't want to waste my time at MEPS knowing they … My best advice is to make sure they are well-aware of any medical condition that may affect you while training, and go ahead an let them know of any criminal charges just so it won't appear later. Not WW 1/2. I don't understand that "like most people, I had something to lie about" statement. Try a dividend-earning retirement account. If a soldier fails two PT tests, but the 2nd PT test exceeds 90 days, will that cancel...? I’ve just been reading and I’m worried about fraudulent enlistment charges and what not. He pretty much said “if everyone who joined the military was honest about their medical history the majority wouldn’t make it through MEPs and we wouldn’t have the strongest military in the world” I guess I shouldn’t have believed him. Fine? I really do. I'm about to be 20 and when I was 17 I went to see a psychologist who sent a recommendation to my physician to prescribe me Zoloft for depression/anxiety. I am just a civilian, but I DID indeed hear a former Marine Corps recruiter said that a very few get away with lying at the MEPS (Military Entrance Processing Station) the lies almost always come out somehow. I know exactly what the poster meant. But, I strongly suggest you talk to a JAG. There are also many that had a history of mental illness/depression that ended up in a very bad place after going through stressful military training, or after feeling isolated moving away from home. 0 … Suicide and Life-Threatening Behavior, 23(3):139-145. … It truly should read post WW 1 and/or 2. Depression is a complicated mental health problem which affects over 17 million Americans. but i'm so freaking worried about them finding anything. Thank you LT, I appreciate the reply! Thank you for the reply SSG, I appreaciate the input. I was just curious to know how many of you actually know someone who was discharged for lying … I know of one person who answered "No". The biggest problem with lying is when the problem resurfaces. Lying will likely harm you and harm the military. You know the hardest thing about lying? I even understand how tempting it is to do just about ANYTHING to get it. It’s possible to have a second opportunity at MEPS though it … Any time some kid asks if he should reveal he has a medical issue or smoked weed a couple times. 1 When I went to MEPs, like most people, I had something to lie about. In addition, at least in the United States, there are rules and laws in place which keep … Navydoc, I heard back from my recruiter last friday and they said i was authorized to continue my enlistment process after the 3 month + wait. Lying at MEPs is one thing (I’m sure half the people in the military have done it) but to completely omit what you did is more than just a simple omission of a broken bone or one time drug usage that you sweep under the rug. It's not even a dishonorable discharge; just general. If you’re not qualified for military service, find other ways to serve your country. I've been giving it much thought about what I am going to do with my life and I have decided that this could possibly be the best thing i've done so far. I don’t know, my recruiter probably lied to me. Own up to it, get the treatment for it you need, and get out in front of it. I don't but the "like most people" comment, but the fact is that you have an issue. If a military draft were to reinstated as a what would that do too the population of canada? He just back from MEPS a bit ago, I got to talk to him, and I found out he lied about his history of Attempted Suicide, Hsopitalization, and Depression! Lying at MEPS, to your recruiter IS illegal, wrong and stupid!! Now I’ve been referred to behavioral health for depression. Make sure you study hard for the asvab test. It’s official. Well my parents saw the messages and I ended up going to the hospital for a week and was prescribed anti-depressants. Prison time? I'm sure many people have lied about their past history when they enlist. BadChoicesMade August 9, 2019, 2:19pm #4. The majority of the people you ask about what happens at MEPS will say to lie it's no big deal etc. Five years later, during an exchange of college life stories, he bragged about being "Trp Master" at LSD parties in his dorm. 1 Like. That is what is required in the military, and it is what is required in life as well. Only Top Secret requires an SSBI (Single Scope Background Investigation). Join Yahoo Answers and get 100 points today. UFC Fight Night - Sat. It happened to be depression and medication for it. you get caught lying about it after enlistment and you're found guilty of fradulent enlistment you will be in a world of … You can sign in to vote the answer. It is as simple as that. He … As far as drug/alcohol abuse, be aware that many people do lie about it, and it's rarely an issue, unless you decide you want it to be. Just showcasing how stupid it is. You most likely wont go to jail for lying if you get caught, but you will get kicked out, and dishonerable discharge follows you forever. Like that they were diagnosed with depression and have done drugs in the past. This is where you provide your personal medical history to MEPS, the Military Entrance Processing Station. For example, if you tell them you are addicted to meth and it will affect your training, then they will very likely get rid of you. I know he was just trying to make his job easier and get me in quick. Are there military ID cards for military personnels to prove their military identities ? I Used to Think Something Was Wrong With Me. Have you started saving for your future? Months later, the recruit returned to MEPs to process for shipment to basic training. That is the truth, and by the way, most recruiters will tell you to lie in this case, its just not worth the paper work hassle. Hey everyone, I enlisted in the US navy just this week. One of those is the DD Form 2807-2, or the Medical Pre-Screen form. I was just wondering because I know many people in the military and they have lied or not told the MEPS something about there past. I went to MEPS today and well, I wanted to join really badly so I lied about my past medical history. Would we be doing mental health a favor, by banning mentally overqualified people from enlistment in the military. Of course I also know someone with prior drug arrests who was allowed to enlist under a "Morals Waiver", because the recruiter considered him rehabilitated...He was later convicted of running an ecstasy ring, but that's another story for another time. I would urge you NOT to lie going forward (lying at meps is not as serious as if you lie when you are on active duty) So if they ask you, tell not lie. The best thing to do is get your medical records and have the recruiter submit them BEFORE you go to MEPS. Following a formal investigation, the "Trip Master" was back in the civilian world with a bad conduct discharge for fraudulent enlistment. Had a soldier once told his doctor that his drug use habits are because he has been addicted for years as a youth. I had to suffer with migraines all day long, but that was my bad. The MEPS made me see their psychiatrist for a psych consult and he gave an indecisive opinion so now they want me to get a waiver. My guess is if you are just out of boot, or before, you can be discharged for good of service. Still have questions? I get it. Also, as far as criminal record, if it isn't something very serious, it probably won't be an issue. Nuns allege abuse: Convent 'pretty much like ... a cult', First ‘Masked Dancer’ reveal is controversial rapper, Houston QB forced to leave game after odd hand injury, Cheerleader's vulgar message prompts legal showdown, Lori Loughlin released from prison after 2 months, State-run program makes saving for retirement easier, Homeowners aren't actually fleeing cities in droves: Study, J.J. Watt calls out teammates for lack of effort, After the vaccine, a wide array of reactions reported, Nick McGlashan, 'Deadliest Catch' star, dies at 33, China angered by Trump's support for 2 nations. Legally it's possible to serve a couple years in prison for lying, but in reality the result is an administrative separation and permanent bar on future enlistment. Just be honest, if you have a medical problem that keeps you from joining if you tell them, it could come up and cause problems later. How do you think about the answers? We can often get history of depression cleared, but it depends on the timeframe, severity, and symptoms, as well as the actual diagnosis. AND they ask you drug use questions at MEPS. When I went to MEPs, like most people, I had something to lie about. “I’ve got this…” “‘I’ve got this…’ Even when it feels like not living would take all … Depression. It happened to be depression and medication for it. If you can't in good conscience lie, then tell the truth, but be prepared for them to say we don't want you, because that is most likely what will happen. I never actually took them, but it's on my record. As long as your asvab quals you, your fitness is solid, and you're not having bca issues. They planned to send me to MEPS again on Wed but instead they said i had to fill out a handwritten statement regarding an undiagnosed depression that i regretably told them the first time at meps. Any history of mood disorders requiring medication and/or outpatient care for longer than six months by a mental health professional is also disqualifying. I'm worried that it Getting a waiver for depression in the military - Forums So, I know at MEPS I will not lie about anything. However, there are many forms of depression and some people are capable of living very normal lives with the mood … It is also becoming more common in minors (ages 3-17) with nearly two million reported cases. It it possible the democratic leadership teamed up with the Chinese and released coronavirus in the air to bring down Trump? On the evening of March 29th, I’ll be driving to Raleigh to check into a Hilton hotel for the evening so that I can be up at the ass crack of dawn to head to the Military Entrance Processing Station (better known as MEPS) to begin my minimum of a month long wait for the Surgeon General of the Air Force … Military And Lying on MEPS Application - I visit military forums a lot. Lying at MEPS is the major cause of medical discharges at boot camp. And I know that once depression comes up, I have may have no career in the military. People are always like you must be honest and tell the truth. EDIT: Lying at MEPS, if caught later into the military, is a general discharge with the fate/probability of pay, bonus's, etc having to be repaid. For example, if you have a medical condition that you didn't inform them about, then if that becomes and issue, they may chapter you out of the military. In reality, pharmaceutical companies do not dictate what your doctor does. … You have to keep with the original story. I only took it for two months because my dad wouldn't take … Tell the truth and take personal responsibility for your actions. Hopelessness, depression. Mood disorders such as depression, bipolar disorder , psychoses, and other unspecified depressive issues are disqualifying. Hell, I had a major surgery on my throat when I was 14, which is an instant dq for enlistment, I'm in. You can probably get an answer by submitting your records. Further investigation found she had a suicide gesture about 6 years earlier due to stress from a recently ended relationship, loneliness (had no friends for … today i went to meps and enlisted in the national guard. I am an honest person with great pride and leadership. I am supposed to say no to the fact that I have taken anti depressants. I respect and admire those who do. For a secret clearance they will not dig deep into your medical records. ... Can you go to jail for lying at MEPS? 5. suicidal ideation and clinical diagnosis or depression. If you make a mistake own up to that mistake. His supervisor overheard the LSD stuff and reviewed the records, which showed that the guy had answered "No". You aren't the first one, and certainly won't be the last. Okay so a little over a year ago I had a bad breakup and in attempt to make my girlfriend stay I had said I was going to kill myself and you know **** like that. I’m … However, they also discovered that the member received some depression counseling about 2 years before her MEPS visit, which she conveniently omitted. Now I have read stuff online from other people saying their recruiters told them to lie at MEPS or they simply didn't tell their recruiter or MEPS that they were depressed before and I have seen people say it is okay to do this as long as it is not longer affecting your life. 0 2. I’m a Veteran Without PTSD. Lying at MEPS ... Once you are off and depression free for 1 year get copies of your treatment paperwork, including therapy notes and take them with you to your recruiter. Now I’m not scared he will relapse or anything, he’s tough and been off the meds for a long time. Had problems with depression, but nothing I couldn't handle while a friend of mine cut her wrists, but not me. The recruiter, and MEPS doc … Thank you for the reply again, I appreaciate it sir. if the U.S. has the strongest military could we win any war? If you are honest now, accept therapy/treatment, who knows? One of the standard disqualifying questions is "Have you ever taken LSD?" Is the U.S. Army and U.S. Navy are under the same jurisdiction ? My recruiter told me to lie at meps. YOU WILL GET IN.
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