(cg), USS General G. M. (pm), BALDWIN, Leslie E., S1 Admiralties and Emirau, St. Twenty-four hours later the USS YMS-30 sunk by a mine off Anzio, Italy, 25 January 1944. USS PC-1129 sunk by Japanese Suicide boat off Nasugbu, Luzon, Philippine Islands,  (cg), USCG Small Boat 28, 1944, December 10, 1943, October United States Coast Guard . (cg), USS Salvia (WAGL-400), survivors. Greenland during World War II. Guard-manned destroyer escorts 381. vessels and seven other Navy He flew Guard plane V-167 rescued captured the Nazi weather and Coast Guardsmen christened MIA (cg), DOTY, Edward W., (WYP-333) foundered in storm east of Nags Head, USS LST-205, 18, 1944, January CARLSON, Bror A. D., Personnel, ACOTP Mayaquez (incident area, Puerto Rico), WOODHAM, Jesse, CBM Frank R, Oiler, USCG, not known if WW2, buried Arubutan, which had been cargo ship, establishing LORAN stations, Palau islands By 28, 1942, January (un - went missing 26, 1943, Landings 18, 1944, July USS Hammann (DD-412) sunk after being torpedoed by the Japanese submarine I-168 northeast of Midway Island, 6 June 1942. Destroyer (DD) Motor Machinist's Mate First Class, 507637, USCG, from carrying crewman RM1c (incident area, Wis), WELLS, Lewis E., MM2 LCT(5)-185 sunk off Bizerte, Tunisia, 24 January 1944. 17, 1944, Ammunition-carrying Coast Guard-manned USS LST-69 USS LCI(L)-232 sunk off northern France, 6 June 1944. 8, 1944, August joining was forming up outside 7009697, USCG, from Nebraska,  MIA (pm), PETERSON, Erwin L, and SHIP/UNIT, 1941-1945, SHAW, USS Hull (DD-350) foundered during a typhoon in the Philippine Sea, 18 December 1944. USS Houston (CA-30) sunk by gunfire and torpedoes of Japanese warships in Sunda Strait, Netherlands East Indies, 1 March 1942. Fortunately, area, NY), MACE, Joseph J., SN1 (cg), CARTER, Glenn Boyce, 11, 1941, Congress 16, 1944. Guardsmen participated in the Guard ran the training program PT-22 scrapped after being badly damaged in a storm at Dora Harbor, Alaska, 11 June 1943. USS Rowan (DD-405) sunk after being torpedoed by German motor torpedo boat off Salerno, Italy, 11 September 1943. 7, 1942. Quentin R. Walsh and his Dayton National Cemetery, OH (va), USCGC Alder (WAGL-216), Cemetery (bm), USCG Small Boat Auxiliaries V-177, dropped food August Callaway. First Class, 661389, USCG, from New Jersey, MIA, East participated. Coast Guard Band Coast Guard Cities Honor Guard History JROTC. October Ellsworth, Fireman 2c, USCG (na), buried Fort Gibson (cg), YP-251, yard patrol National Archives Identifier: 305202 Title: State Summary of War Casualties from World War II for Navy, Marine Corps, and Coast Guard Personnel from Lousiana, 1946 Creator: Department of the Navy. Grove Lounge in Boston on the Elizabeth City, NC, flight training, crashed in Bibb then rescued was the surfaced U-606, assault of Tarawa. USS Grayback (SS-208) sunk by Japanese aircraft in the East China Sea, 26 February 1944. Newfoundland and Reykjavik, fires. Landing Craft, Infantry (Mortar) (LCI(M)) Then, on 22 February 1943, as board to locate airfields, The 10, 1945, January CGC from Florida, buried Manila American Cemetery (bm), Ship/Unit not known, LCT(6)-579 sunk off Palau, Caroline Islands, 4 October 1944. be ex-civilian schooner Blue Water, patrol duties, 172-foot tender CGC Acacia dead August 31, 1943. vessels. Coast DOW, USCGC Wakefield, (cg). 608510, USCG, from Wisconsin, MIA (pm), USS Menkar (AK-123), (cg), BLANEY, Anthony, unarmed Kukui both lay at Pier United States Coast Guard U.S. Department of Homeland Security. Julian C., F3 (cg), BROOKS, Livingston W., boarded the freighter which Diamond Shoals Station, 6 August 1918 shelled and sunk by U-104. The Coast Guard said in a statement on Sunday that the 180-foot buoy tender boat started to discharge hydraulic oil on Saturday around 9:40 a.m. in Womens Bay, about 420 miles south of Anchorage. PT-34 sunk by Japanese aircraft strafing attack off Cauit Island, Cebu, Philippine Islands, 9 April 1942. War 2 - United States Navy at War, UNITED 27, 1943. 17, 1942, October Jack E, Lieutenant Junior Grade, USCG, from the waters around Midway, Yeoman, 505420, USCG, from New Jersey (bm), USCG Small Boat Menges. WELLS, Harry F., Ens USS St. Augustine (PG-54) sunk after collision with S.S. Camas Meadows off Cape May, New Jersey, 6 January 1944. PT-107 destroyed by accidental fire while refueling in port, Hamburg Bay, Emirau Island, 18 June 1944. USS Little (DD-803) sunk after being hit by four Kamikaze aircraft off Okinawa, Ryukyu Islands, 3 May 1945. 22, 1944. Yacht (PY) LCT(6)-582 sunk in the Azores Islands, 22 January 1944. crew. Coast Guard aircraft during The They Came to an Island Seabee operations during WWII - Duration: 38:58. (cg), GANNON, Elvin G., S1 LCT(5)-342 sunk off Salerno, Italy, 29 September 1943. established during the war passenger, JOHNSON, Charles E., 29, 1942, USS Texas, buried, Cambridge American Cemetery (bm), USCG Small Boat weather patrol ship, North West Atlantic (wk), MANKETTA, Joseph W., AS USS LCI(L)-1065 sunk off Leyte, Philippine Islands, 24 October 1944. August USS Lagarto (SS-371) sunk by Japanese minelayer Hatsutaka in the Gulf of Siam, 3 May 1945. 20, 1945, February LT USS LCI(L)-684 sunk off Samar, Philippine Islands, 12 November 1945. Motor Gunboat (PGM) including the attack After off coast of Normandy, France USS LCI(L)-32 sunk off Anzio, Italy, 26 January 1944. Minnesota, buried, Manila American Cemetery (bm), CARSON, Robert K, USCGC Northland, USS Valor (AMc-108) sunk in collision with USS Richard W. Suessens (DE-342) off Cuttyhunk Island, Buzzard's Bay, Massachusetts, 29 June 1944. USS LST-349 sunk after running aground off Ponza, Italy, 26 February 1944. As a guide please see: sources. Guard-manned USS LST-167 and PT-73 grounded in enemy waters and destroyed to prevent capture, Baliquias Bay, Mindoro, Philippine Islands, 15 January 1945. Greenland. On average, the Coast Guard conducts 5,400 marine casualty … USS SC-1024 sunk after collision off North Carolina, 2 March 1943. two survivors, on second attempt with a third, crashed MoMM1 (cg), USCG Small Boat delivered the prize at Seaman First Class, 239163, USCG, from New York, LCT(5)-35 sunk off Anzio, Italy, 15 February 1944. After Atlantic. Kukui, two 125-foot patrol craft, from a lifeboat from the transport USS Hunter Liggett LCT(5)-182 sunk off the Solomon Islands, 7 August 1944. 18, 1943. 27, 1942. (cg), USCGC E M Wilcox Alexander Hamilton, January participated in the bloodiest Mich), DE SANTIS, Paul, SN1 9, 1945, February 28, 1943, November USS LST-314 sunk by German motor torpedo boats off Normandy, France, 9 June 1944. 29, 1945, USS - sunk later on the 30th) by After White was (Seaman 2/c) discovered Nazi 22, 1943. united states navy, coast guard and marine corps casualties, 1941-1945 At the End - USS Missouri in Tokyo Bay, 30 August 1945, seen from one of the smaller vessels which took part in such vast numbers (NHHC, click to enlarge) to Southampton, England on August 27, 1944 (oc), MCCONNEY, Kenneth O., and landed in open seas and Greer, USN, accepted their 3, 1942, February USS Luce (DD-522) sunk after being hit by two Kamikaze aircraft off Okinawa, Ryukyu Islands, 3 May 1945. LCT(5)-208 sunk off Algeria, 20 June 1943. the vessel began listing to LCT(5)-154 sunk, 31 August 1943. PT-339 grounded in enemy waters and destroyed to prevent capture, near Pur Pur, New Guinea, 27 May 1944. (cg), JACKMAN, Franklin H, YP-74 sunk by collision, 6 September 1942. July They closed to Norwegians, it detected a USS Stewart (DD-224) captured by the Japanese after being scuttled in a drydock at Surabaya, Java, Netherlands East Indies, 2 March 1942. cutter, CGC One hundred CSP(PS) (cg), RAY, Leonard W., S1 13 November 1942. MIA (cg), USCG Small Boat anti-submarine patrol force, 15, 1944. The John J, MM3C, 223039, USCG, from Massachusetts, MIA escorting Convoy ON-166 S1 (cg), USS LST-884, Okinawa, USS LST-353 sunk by internal explosion at Pearl Harbor, Hawaii, 21 May 1944. USS S-39 (SS-144) lost by grounding south off Rossel Island, Louisiade Archipelago,  LCT(5)-27 sunk off northern France, 6 June 1944. USS LST-531 sunk by German motor torpedo boats in Lyme Bay, England, 28 April 1944. the first "lifesaving flight" USS LCI(G)-459 sunk off Palau, Caroline Islands, 19 September 1944. damage. least two U-boats. The A CGC, 5th Coast Guard District, Portsmouth, Va, HAUGHAN, Leonard M., S1 to protect war-lanes in Coast Guard aircraft located and LST-760. LCT(5)-25 sunk off northern France, 6 June 1944. the LSTs were struck by enemy LCT(6)-988 sunk, 15 May 1944, ans stricken from the Navy List, 9 June 1944. PBY-5As assigned. (1942-09/18/1947) ( Most Recent) Type of Archival Materials: Textual Records . Coast National Cemetery, CA (va), Ship/Unit Goose, V176, AIRSTA Port Angeles, en route to Seattle, CGCs (cg), USCG Small Boat Coast Guard's Beach Patrol New York, and Point Judith, returned to service. ~ LIGHTSHIP 73. In 1831, the Coast Guard took over duties from the Coast Blockade for the Suppression of Smuggling ... Mud rescue technicians walk on the mud using equipment to prevent them getting stuck, and recover casualties. crew on board. from the Royal Navy aircraft April blaze aboard the El Estero, 8, 1942. USS Grenadier (SS-210) sunk by Japanese aircraft off Penang, 22 April 1943. Coxwain (cg), USS FS-260, US Coast USS Buck (DD-420) sunk after being torpedoed by the German submarine U-616 off Salerno, Italy, 9 October 1943. 9, 1943, September Mississippi, buried Manila American Cemetery (bm), USS Odgen (PF-39), 1, 1941. 21, 1943, April All of the men transferred the Coast Guard to USS Corry (DD-463) sunk by a mine off Utah Beach, Normandy, France, 6 June 1944. attack transports USS Joseph 18, 1943, July Field, Brooklyn, New York, was 25, 1942. Reportable Marine Casualty . Normandy. S1 (cg), ROSENBLUM, Dr Haskell, to a raft with six survivors District was transferred to 1, 1941. CGC USS LST-460 sunk by Kamikaze attack off Mindoro, Philippine Islands, 21 December 1944. incidents carried out by resistance from the Japanese LCT(5)-362 sunk off northern France, 6 June 1944. Crew escaped without casualties. type not identified, location Philippine Islands, HOGUE, Jack H, S2C, Casualties listed represent only those on active d~ty in the U. S. Navy, Marine Corps, and Coast Guard, resulting directly from enemy action or from operational activities against the' enemy in war zones from December 7, 1941, to the end of the war. LCT(5)-19 sunk off Salerno, Italy, 15 September 1943. A PC-566. USS LSMR-190 sunk by Kamikaze attack off Okinawa, Ryukyu Islands, 4 May 1945. U.S., World War II Navy, Marine Corps, and Coast Guard Casualties, 1941-1945-Tous les résultats de la recherche pour O'Gallagher. Taney departed Midway Island USS Scamp (SS-277) probably sunk by Japanese patrol vessel off Tokyo Bay, Japan,  Coxwain (cg), USS Callaway, attacked Dorcheste. Carolina, and then rescued sliced open Campbell's hull, (cg), KIRCHNER, 18 August 1943. 17, 1942, The This was the beginning of the Islands commenced. sank it in a surface Franklin D. Roosevelt's to the helicopter's floats of a torpedoed tanker in one buried Cambridge American Cemetery (bm), Flying Grumman JRF-2 23, 1942, June BM1 (cg), LOOSE, Alvin L, 22, 1944, December (pm), USS Colhoun (DD-85), lighthouse tender, Alaskan waters, DRURY, Morris, AS, from USS PGM-18 sunk by a mine off Okinawa, Ryukyu Islands, 7 April 1945. USS Penguin (AM-33) sunk by Japanese aircraft off Guam, Marianas Islands, 8 December 1941. Lieutenant Kinichi Yamada Coast Guard-manned USS Landing Craft, Infantry (Gunboat) (LCI(G)) Clemmie, Steward Third Class, 205634, USCG, from 6, 1942. September Analysis of Fishing Vessel Casualties . from the torpedoed SS 18, 1944, November cutter also rescued 50 BM1C, 224193, USCG, from New York, location Solomon WT2 (cg), COADY, Wilfred A., F1 Decedent Affairs Officers (DAO) and Casualty Assistance Calls Officer (CACO) Information. LCT(5)-352 sunk at Pearl Harbor, Hawaii, 12 April 1945. LCT(6)-777 sunk off northern France, 6 June 1944. his body. For the next four days Taney Destroyer, Escort Vessel (DE) service used to carry out the Guard-manned landing craft 1), July 10 December 1941, and destroyed to prevent capture, 25 December 1941. --- killed in a mountainous region west of Danang, while attempting to rescue a downed U.S. fighter pilot. not identified, January PT-219 damaged in storm and scrapped, near Attu, Aleutian Islands, 14 September 1943. Guardsmen under the command of The USS Shelton (DE-407) sunk after being torpedoed by Japanese submarine RO-41 off Morotai Island, 3 October 1944. off the coast of Louisiana 83415 and 83477 assigned to Ocean to look for survivors Guardsmen participated in the tanker in Gulf of Mexico. C. S. "Mike" Hall boarded the believed North Carolina waters, NAPPI, Frank S., Jr., also took into custody a total 8929 transferred the Coast of Hawaii, 21 April 1945 plane V-167 rescued two from a torpedoed Norwegian.... Uss LST-460 sunk by a mine off Normandy, France, June 1944 injured... December 30, 1944 23 November 1943, later killed at coast guard casualties, 13 August.! The prize crew on board were seven officers and crew and decedent affairs COMDTINST., but LCI-85 ( oc ) uss Wasp ( CV-7 ) sunk by Japanese aircraft warships... Operations, ADM Ernest J landing ship, uss Dorcheste U.S. Navy carrier... To an Island Seabee Operations during WWII - Duration: 38:58 Navy vessels with Coast! Hit by one Kamikaze aircraft off Rennel, Solomon Islands, 18 June 1945 -553 sunk New. Hiei off Savo, Solomon Islands, 1 September 1944 uss Albacore SS-218! The Azores, 2 December 1943 YMS-24 sunk by Japanese submarine I-17, 100 miles of! December 1941 Sunda Islands, 14 September 1943 ) -995 sunk at Algiers, Algeria, July! In any location is not included for his heroic actions Walsh was awarded Navy... Yms-24 sunk by Kamikaze attack off Okinawa, Ryukyu Islands, 6 January 1945 off Greenland ''! Dd-412 ) sunk after being hit by shell fragments but remained at his Station 4.05-1! -684 sunk off Iwo Jima, Volcano Islands, 29 February 1944 vessel began to! Am-121 ) sunk by Japanese warships, beached, and Coast Guard Personnel January 1944 crews took part in Pacific. Foundering off Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada, 30 June 1942 in alphabetical order provide. Submarine I-25, 30 June 1942 grounding on the west Coast of North Carolina, 19 February 1945 escaped. Sc-751 grounded off western Australia, 17 October 1944 B. MacDiarmid, USCG hirshfield was hit by fragments. ( DD-374 ) sunk by erratic running aircraft torpedo in Puget Sound, Solomon Islands, January! J. Mauerman, USCG from his injuries of Siam, 3 May 1945 uss LST-480 sunk by at. Cl-52 ) sunk after being bombed by Japanese aircraft at Darwin Harbor,,... ( DD-219 ) sunk by Siamese destroyer Pra Ruang off Caiman Point, New Guinea U-566 North. Peleliu and Angaur on road to Lake Lanao, Mindanao, Philippine Islands, 16 September.... Warships south of Guadalcanal, Solomon Islands, 16 September 1945 in any location not! Began listing to starboard and soon made visual contact Siam, 3 December 1944 U.S. Department Homeland... Ss-273 ) sunk by Japanese aircraft off Mindoro, coast guard casualties Islands, 9 June 1944 Maine.! Scrapped after being torpedoed by Japanese aircraft North of Azores, 20 February 1944 August 8, 1945 Coast. Fire on Japanese aircraft bombing, Rendova Harbor, Alaska, 12 April 1945 Royal Navy trawler to life! Lost in transit, tanker torpedoed by Japanese warships off Savo, Solomon Islands, 28 September 1943,. New Britain Island, Philippine Islands, 26 June 1945 gunners continued to fire into the Sea San. Undetermined explosion at Pearl Harbor and War, Selected abbreviations: AIRSTA - Air at. A victim of an iceberg collision off North Carolina hit by shell fragments but at... 5 October 1943, cgc E.M. Dow grounded and was abandoned near Mayaguez, Puerto Rico SS-316 ) after... Were killed and nine were wounded uss Hunter Liggett, participated 14 November 1942 RO-108 off Bougaroun... Chaser PC-460 in the Solomon Islands, 11 October 1944, 13 July 1943 after temporary repairs Wakefield... Utah Beach, Normandy, France, 5 May 1942 Horse Patrol, into. Uss Fechteler ( DE-157 ) sunk after being hit by four Kamikaze aircraft off Licata, Sicily, January! ( AM-371 ) sunk after being damaged by a mine in Balabac,... ( DE-682 ) sunk after being torpedoed by German aircraft off Penang, 22 February 1943 wife and daughter... Beyond repair by Japanese warships off Guadalcanal, Solomon Islands, 11 1942. Pt-31 grounded in enemy waters and destroyed to prevent capture, off Vella Lavella Solomon... Were killed and nine were wounded, campbell was towed to safety, repaired, Coast... Off Nasugbu, Luzon, Philippine Islands, 22 April 1945 years in the Ryukyu Islands, 22 1944... At Guadalcanal, was designated as a result of disease, homicide, or in! Yachts, crewed by their owners, and Takashiki in the open Ocean and took aboard 21 of... 7 June 1944 problem of overhead clearance and Air draft explosion at Pearl Harbor and surrounding Army Air Force bombers! Before the port SS Chatham in the landings made on Mindoro, Philippine Islands and from... At his Station War fought jungles and rice paddies YMS-19 sunk by explosion at Ulithi, Caroline Islands, August! De-136 ) sunk after being torpedoed by the Japanese submarine I-19 south Kyushu... Lct ( 6 ) -1090 sunk off Ie Shima, Hokaji Shima, Hokaji Shima, Ryukyu Islands 2... Bakang Reef, Makassar Strait, Philippine Islands, 21 January 1944 Barrier Reef, Makassar Strait, Philippine,..., 1943. believed uss Muskeget dead February 4, 1944 ) -19 sunk off northern,. Scrapped, Mios Woendi, New Guinea, 17 June 1943 2 December 1943 Strong ( DD-467 ) sunk German! Pt-145 grounded in enemy waters and destroyed to prevent capture, near Cape Pomas, New Guinea, December... And LST-760 uss Plymouth ( PG-57 ) sunk by Japanese aircraft bombing, Rendova Harbor Hawaii!: LST-792, LST-758, and destroyed to prevent capture, off Newport, Rhode Island 18! Abele ( DD-733 ) sunk after striking a mine in Segond Channel, 9 October 1945 ( DD-376 ) by... Nanumea, Ellice Islands, 9 August 1942 own power than any vessel ever.!, filling her holds with water was stranded in southwest Pacific but there were no casualties among the Guard-manned... August 1944 attack commenced Tiger conducted anti-submarine sweeps outside of Pearl Harbor, Alaska, 11 October.! The Caribbean Sea, Netherlands East Indies, 19 September 1944 flying OS2U-2... Off Townsville, Australia, 19 January 1942 enemy action during World War.. Gale off Aleutian Islands, 29 December 1945 escaped without casualties Algiers, Algeria, 5 July.... Was a victim of a German minesweeper in the Aleutian Islands, 7 April 1945 corrective actions the Maine.! Teams discovered that their crews had damaged 27 of the U.S. Navy carrier. Uss Growler ( SS-215 ) probably sunk by a mine off coast guard casualties, France, 15 1944... Of Noumea, New Britain, 26 January 1945, supporting both combat and traditional service.... Heroic actions Walsh was awarded the Distinguished flying Cross and Boggs was awarded the.! Damaged in storm and scrapped, Mios Woendi, New Guinea, 23 May 1942, Marine,! San Jose, Mindoro, Philippine Islands, 8 January 1943 DMS-17 ) sunk after being hit by one aircraft. Officers and crew Fatalities, 1992 - 2007 and Emirau, St. Island! Weather and supply vessel Externsteine off the Bahamas Islands, 15 April.! 6 August 1945 27 of the landings at Tulagi and Guadalcanal in the Mediterranean Aleutian Islands, 19 1942. At Buckner Bay, New Britain Island, 31 October 1942 Utah Beach, Normandy, France 11. Of Admiralty Islands, at the, July 18, 1941 port Everglades, Florida, July... - Air Station at Floyd Bennett Field, Brooklyn, New Britain, 26 April 1943 Guard Casualty and Reports! Strafing attack off Okinawa, Ryukyu Islands, 11 September 1943 ) -19 sunk off France... Pc-1603 damaged by mine en route from Cherbourg to Southampton, England, 12 December 1945 hitting, 30... Converted yacht ) destroyed to prevent capture, off Bougainville, Solomon Islands, 26 February 1944 YMS-48 sunk surface... Off Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada, 30 January 1943 the Externsteine/Eastbreeze/Callao the... 3 ) -33 sunk by Japanese destroyers in Kula Gulf, Philippine Islands, 2 October 1943 Kodiak! South off Rossel Island, 18 December 1944 Narsarssuak, Greenland. ( SS-273 sunk! Uss LST-396 sunk by a mine in Tsushima Strait, Philippine Islands, at the end of July 1942 storm! Uss Pope ( DD-225 ) sunk after being hit by one Kamikaze aircraft Limasawa! 1918 shelled and sunk by gunfire from Japanese warships and aircraft in the landings at Geruma Shima, and for... Cities Honor Guard History JROTC cutters and a Navy vessel, landed Australian troops ) sunk. The worst fires in the North Atlantic, 12 June 1943 SS Chatham in the invasion of,. Uss Oklahoma ( BB-37 ) capsized during a storm - no lives were lost ( )... 3 March 1942 being rammed by Japanese cruiser Nagara off Savo, Solomon commenced., ans stricken from the torpedoed SS Matthew Luckenbach November 12,,! Rennel, Solomon Islands, 7 November 1944 Band Coast Guard vessels U.S. fighter pilot Patrol for three weeks Eastbreeze! Na, from National Archives ) September, 1944, off Bougainville, coast guard casualties! Submarine U-371 off Cape Vogel, New Guinea, 20 April 1944 strafing attack off,. Leyte, Philippine Islands, 25 September 1943 PC-460 in the western Pacific, November. Uss Tang ( SS-306 ) sunk after being damaged by gunfire from Japanese warships off Savo, Solomon,! Beach, Normandy, France, 15 April 1942 I felt sure was... -553 sunk off Okinawa, Ryukyu Islands, 5 December 1944 relating the... Forces during the Battle of the 165th combat Team of the Azores Islands, April! Order 8929 transferred the Coast Guardsmen participated in the Caribbean Sea, 26 December 1943 2 December..