If you're looking for a quick way to gain some confidence in this technique, these high-percentage areas are superb starting points. Anyone know how to do it, none of mine want to run straight, and i don't know how to tune them. Comments: I bought 2 of these things and they run like crap.Both lay on their side at any speed. While every fishery is unique to some degree, Schultz believes there are five buzzbait hot spots worth targeting regardless of your geographic location. Extreme Angler. Comments: Just flat out a great buzzbait. Read More ... How to Tune a Crankbait. Especially if you fish in the evening, this pattern should help you increase your catch dramatically. I have a question about buzzbaits. Now for most of you, this won't mean much. A lure you have to work on right out of the box in order to tune it, that's an indication it's not going to be one of your greatest. Jun 26, 2017. Tuning a buzzbait #9339123 09/23/13 12:30 PM: Joined: Jul 2011. You can work these fairly slow and keep them on top, and the clacker puts out a really good noise. But usually it’s just annoying. These high-speed action will (after a few miles!) The buzzbait is at best a little more than ridiculous, I know it has its roots in the spinnerbait but there is pushing the design envelope and then there is farting in it and posting to someone you don’t like. Buzzbait Tips You Didn't Even Know To Try! If I am catching fish on a buzzbait I will take time to reposition the blades so the bait runs true and not to either the right or left. Fishing with a buzzbait might be the most interesting method of catching bass. Tying your lure to your driver side wing mirror on your truck or car and allowing the blades to rotate as you drive. Ive never tuned a buzzer before. Hi folks. As far as the buzzbait retrieval path leading to the side (left usually) instead of straight in - you can never really correct that with a single blade buzzbait - so just plan for that to happen. Double check that the plastic is rigged on perfectly straight. However, if you live in… How to Tune A Buzzbait – Shop The Hook Up Tackle Megabass here: Pick up your Sukoshi Bugs and Yoto Worms here: Shop Karl’s Bait and Tackle – As always, thank you for your continued support. Tune it so it'll run straight. Buzzbait Trick: Tune the Blades While buzzbaits are an old school bait that sometimes get lost in the shuffle of all of the new space-age lures and techniques that exist today, the time tested eggbeaters aren't ignored by the bass on your local lake. After a big fish you might need to tune it but I've had no problem with it running straight. I was fishing a small lake today and quickly realized that there was a lot of topwater action going on, so I tied up a buzzbait I had bought on a whim. Forums > DIY > Lure Building > Buzzbait ... how much water they throw when popped, etc. Comments: The clacker is the key! This video features a bass fisherman explaining one patter he uses to catch a lot of bass using a buzzbait. Join to listen to great radio shows, DJ mix sets and Podcasts To tune a buzzbait you bend the wire between the line tie bend and the blade. I had come to get some film of my latest project the Buzzbait, this was to be a repeat performance after yesterday’s visit when I found once again my camera was battery- less. 360 Tuna - The Leading Sport Fishing Forum and Community. I appreciate you guys and gals!! You can also bend the wire frame to “tune” the buzzbait. This bend is a pre-engineered modification allowing the bait to ride deeper, resulting in more hook-ups. Tweaking it slightly to the left or right can cause the bait to run off to one side. First, you must "tune your buzzbait". For Business Inquiries ONLY: james.loduca@gmail.com. Scott Canterbury joins The Bass University in Gadsden, AL in this bass fishing video seminar on how to fish buzzbaits.More specifically, where, when and how to fish buzzbaits.Scott is a former FLW angler that moved to the Bassmaster Elite Series for the 2019 season. The perfect time for fishing buzzbaits are late fall and winter, especially if you are living in the warmer climates. I totally agree with artdevilish; I "tune" my buzzbaits to run towards the cover I'm fishing. From: Peezel Weenis 10/5/20 Comments: I was one of first to review this buzz bait and it is still my favorite bait of its kind.However, the new packaging presents me a problem. So tune … I … Big D " "Old School" OP. Tuning a buzzbait. I have three of them, two by Strike King and one from Booyah. Tune it – The angle of the top wire arm is critical in how a buzzbait tracks on the surface. Can not figure out exactly how to make it happen. So first off seems to be working fine without the tune, but just for better angles I am curious how this is done. Don't waste your money. The baits blades just don't turn as smoothly as I think they should. Buzzbait Fishing Secrets & Modification Tips - Strader how-to bass fishing instructional video. Remove Advertisements. Mixing in speed changes, direction changes or contact with cover can trigger fish to bite. This draws the bass to want to attack. Sep 2, 2015. A couple other modifications people like to do, I know some people like to put them, hang them by their antennas on their car when they're … The rig I like best is a 6'6" med heavy rod with a 6.3 to 1 ratio reel spooled with 50lb power pro braid. Most people like to use buzzbaits in the summer, spring, and fall. Casting your fishing rod in different patterns is an appealing, but sometimes futile-seeming, way to increase your fish catch. You also want a buzzbait head that climbs up onto the surface of the water quickly, and stays there without having to retrieve it too fast. Be prepared because bass are notorious for swiping at a buzzbait, rather than engulfing the entire lure. 3. First, you want to make sure you’re working with a high quality buzzbait head that will last a long time. The main thing for a buzzbait is to make a squeeling noise, or a squeaking noise. Are they supposed to run similar to a I fish a buzzbait a lot and know how to tune one. However, with that said, I will still throw the bait if the bite is on and allow it to run to the right or left just to let it be different from all the other buzzbaits that have been thrown or to work it around some structure or boat dock. A perfect Bait for enticing fish with its tournament grade buzzing effect that will keep any angler happy and reeling in some BIG BETTYS. I never want my buzzbait to run straight back to the boat. Big D. I've bought lots of buzzbaits before but why do I always have to tune a bait made by Strike King? Sometimes this is helpful if you want the buzzbait to track alongside a dock or shoreline. Posts: 2,763. Not these. Originally Posted By: CrappyBassfishindude I'll give these tips a try. (Note: this Wolf tune is not to be confused with the video where he hops all the way through the song, that one is “Come As You Are”, quite interesting.) I fish this over heavy weeds and never worry about my line breaking. When you buy a buzzbait, it's not always ready to hit the water. How should I tune it to run straight? OP "Old School" Extreme Angler " Joined: Jul 2011. The Cavitron Buzzbait is built with an "oxbow bend" design. This is accomplished in several different ways. The Cavitron Buzzbait has 4 holes stamped into the blade, providing less turning resistance while creating more disturbance, this enables the bait to be retrieved at lower speeds than traditional buzzbaits. Can't tell that when the bait was in the package. FLW bass fishing tournament pro, Open champion and 2-time Bassmaster Classic qualifier Wesley Strader buzzbait If this is your first visit, we invite to register a user account. make the lure squeak, if it is raining, so much the better! Never had the issue with Booyah . Spring is in the air, and so should Buzzbaits and in todays video, Travis is going to break down the Castaic, Boyd Duckett Buzzbait. I bought a War Eagle 1/4 buzzbait and the dang thing pulls right, hard. Choosing The Right Buzzbait Head. Once the buzzbait is gurgling on the surface, you can slow the retrieve to a steady tempo and keep it there or burn the bait with a high-speed retrieve. By admin Posted on February 8, 2018 In fishing tips and techniques Tagged bass fishing, Bass Fishing video, buzzbait, buzzbait tips, buzzbait tricks, fishing, how to tune a spinnerbait, spinnerbait, spinnerbait tips, topwater bite Leave a comment Posts: 2,763. Also, I'm frustrated by the fact that it won't run straight. From: Ruff: Missouri 5/24/17. 5 prime buzzbait targets to try. I have tried several different ways to tune a buzzbait in order to get it to track one way or another. Membership is free but required in order to post to our forums, classifieds, reviews and photo gallery. BuzzBait is on Mixcloud. But for some of our members it might be just the ticket. Even if it’s off center a little bit, the buzzbait will want to roll over. The key to learning how to tune a buzzbait is to simply try it.