I am, however right handed. The focus of this report is about when an orthodox boxer meets a southpaw boxer. The Southpaw … You already know that your lead foot will face the orthodox fighter’s lead foot. A lesson with ExpertBoxing. Cross comes right down the pipe. Southpaw fighters are usually left-handed/legged, while orthodox is the opposite. Orthodox Boxing Stances. It feels a lot more coordinated, balanced and natural compared to an orthodox stance. These are called orthodox and southpaw. The orthodox fighter will not be able to block all four angles with a static guard. Training southpaw vs orthodox. And you can take an advantage by trapping your opponent’s lead hand. Normally that punch is used very sparingly against another orthodox fighter. This is the complete opposite of the orthodox stance which has the left foot forward and the right foot back. Thank you for the A2A - but RP’s answer is perfect: left-handers win more fights than they ‘should’ statistically, because they are always up against orthodox fighters, but orthodox fighters (right handers) don’t see many lefties. Whether you’re left or right-handed, you’ll learn where to place your hands and feet for the punch. In our last piece we discussed the three key techniques used by southpaw fighters and the best way a class should be structured to deal with southpaws. The southpaw stance is when a naturally left-handed boxer uses the right hand as the lead punch or the jab, with the straight left hand as the obvious power shot. What we didn’t cover is how the simple action of moving to the left or the right can open up opportunities for attack. Southpaw vs. Get started boxing the right way - with the perfect stance. I recently started boxing and when asked to get into a fighting stance, I naturally just settled into southpaw. Southpaw Vs Orthodox Boxing Stances Boxing Stance Orthodox Stance Punching Bag Workout A good southpaw or orthodox fighting one will have to be competent fighting from both left and right angles. Typically in an orthodox VS orthodox fight, both fighters have the ability to defend against each other’s strong right hand by sticking their weak-handed jabbing arm in the way. Some fighters who are naturally left-handed fight in the orthodox stance with the advantage of a fast, hard jab and left hook, including Oscar De La Hoya , Sonny Liston , Miguel Angel Cotto , Gerry Cooney , … Is it better to fight southpaw or orthodox . In a southpaw VS orthodox fight, both boxers are standing in a mirrored stance and the head and body is very open to being hit by each other’s strong arm from the back. Hey guys. Because of the fighters’ mirror stances, the … All of the styles/stances mentioned in this article have all been a variation of the two most foundational stances. Orthodox. Orthodox Boxing Stances. Fighting Southpaw vs Orthodox: Footwork and Angles. All the stances mentioned above have two versions each: Southpaw Vs. Even a southpaw has to adapt when facing another southpaw because of the desparity of between the two stances in boxing. Southpaw vs. But guess what, if you stay in a southpaw stance, your lead hand will also face his lead hand. Here is one more southpaw vs orthodox advantage you can take. Hagler was the opposite, normally fighting southpaw but able to switch to orthodox. In order to identify the key issues surrounding the orthodox/southpaw conundrum, it's is important that we understand the mechanics and implications, in outline at least, of all 3 scenarios prior to understanding the specific scenario of southpaw versus orthodox: A common change is the implementation of the right hook for the orthodox fighter. The Southpaw jab is pretty confusing for orthodox fighters because it comes over the top of their jab-hand if you do it right. The southpaw-vs-orthodox matchup allows for much wide angles of attack compared to an orthodox-vs-orthodox matchup. View lesson.