Volcanoes, deep ocean trenches and earthquakes are formed when a subduction zone occur. Weegy: Seafloor spreading is responsible for creating magnetic changes along mid-ocean ridges. Answer: A subduction zone arises from the clash between the continental crust and the oceanic crust.. Score 1 User: what process is responsible for creating magnetic changes along mid-ocean ridges? You've reached the end of your free preview. The other two boundary types are transform margins and divergent margins. - magma from the melting mantle rises along … Pros and cons of a volcano is that whenever it errupts it. community of living organismpa help po What is a convenient means of transmitting energyA. This melting leads to heat being transferred upwards and uplifting the crust, eventually developing into a volcano. St. Helens formed and erupts as a result of this subduction zone. Subduction zones, also referred to as convergent margins, are one of these three boundaries. Whenever a subduction zone is formed, the subducted plate will end up being partially melted by the earth’s internal magma and molten. The Aleutian Islands have formed along a A. subduction zone B. hot-spot path C. mid-ocean ridge D. continental margin. Whenever a subduction zone is formed a_____is formed. The oceanic crust is the part of the earth's crust that forms the oceans and is much less thick than the continental crust.And the continental crust is what continents and continental platforms are made of and is much thicker than the oceanic crust.. filmmaker. An island arc results when one oceanic plate moves under another oceanic plate. Electric currentB. The subduction tectonics of the Philippines is the control of geology over the Philippine archipelago.The Philippine region is seismically active and has been progressively constructed by plates converging towards each other in multiple directions. User: where are subduction zones likely to form? Score 1 User: is the point where some region of the lithosphere … It is the part of the mantle that flows and moves the plates of the Earth Lesson Summary. documentary (13) film (8) commercial (1) music video (2) The famous Mt. Want to read both pages? Garnet in eclogites begins to grow well before the peak of metamorphism and traps other minerals within it as inclusions. - sediments break off of the overriding plate and are deposited in the oceanic trench. PROJECTS. These inclusions provide samples of the rock before it fully recrystallized as an eclogite, and quantitative thermobarometry of them allows us to track the pressure and temperature environments of the ancient subduction zone that formed these beautiful, enigmatic rocks. Rift d. Volcano 1 See answer ryza30 ryza30 Answer: my answer in the question is. Weegy: Subduction zones are more likely to form At a convergent boundary. Divergent margins are where two plates are spreading apart from one another, which happens at either continental rift zones or seafloor spreading ridges. Preview this quiz on Quizizz. TERM Fall '20; TAGS Plate Tectonics, subduction zone. all. New questions in Science. These subduction zone-created volcanoes occur in one of two formations: island arc or continental arc. Explanation: Vocano. a. Accretionary wedges along subduction zones form as - sediments from eroding volcanic arcs are deposited in the oceanic trench. Another side effect of the subduction process is the creation of volcanoes, as well as increased volcanic activity above subduction zones. Mountain c. Island Arc b. a.
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