Anything with carbonation will have a low pH. When manufacturers add pressurized carbon dioxide to a … La Croix: more than a flavored sparkling water, this now cult-favorite beverage beloved by millennials, has somewhat ironically become a meme and, yes, a legend. Answer Save. Yeah. It makes a minimal difference. Is LaCroix bad for your teeth? Better to consume fizzy water than no water. Updated Feb 01, 2016 @ 4:33 pm Advertisement. Drinking and swallowing really doesn’t get a lot of contact with your teeth. only thing I'd say against it is that carbonation makes you feel fuller faster, so if you are having trouble drinking "enough" water it could be a hindrance. Something carbonated without sugar is far better than something carbonated with sugar. For best dental health, avoid constantly bathing your teeth in any acidic drink. Now you know the truth about sparkling water — it isn't bad for your teeth. If you’re truly worried about this affect, use a straw. I have patients who have had increased incidence of cavities and the only difference per them is drinking a lot of la croix. It's a well-known fact that soda is bad for your health. i was drinking about 8-10 per day. You’d have to drink a lot to do significant damage. “When companies start adding citric acid to carbonated water or citric or phosphoric acid to soft drinks, we’re in a different ballpark,” says Ruby, “because that drops the pH.” Many flavored waters have two ing… No long-term studies have looked at enamel erosion in the teeth of sparkling-water drinkers. 2 years ago. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts, Did you know everything you ingest can affect your teeth? Edit 2: edited my edit to be more explicit. By using our Services or clicking I agree, you agree to our use of cookies. I think it isn't great for your teeth. An April 2016 study published in The Journal of the American Dental Association came up with a scale for measuring the strength of a drink. nicer ones have 1 or 2 inside as well. Questions about dental topics and issues from patients are also welcome. Yeah. La Croix Doesn't it turn basic after opening regardless? Polar = , Send Text Message Print. this just might be the most devastating news you hear all day. And club soda and carbonated mineral water (like plain San Pellegrino or Perrier) have added or naturally occurring minerals, which raise the pH to about 5, well outside the erosion zone. Seltzer in its most basic form is just tap water plus carbonation. this is because if the beer doesn't fill you up as quickly you are more likely to drink more of it. $17.20 Shop Now . New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, Discussion of physical fitness/exercise goals and how they can be achieved, Press J to jump to the feed. ive read that despite lacroix and similar beverages having no sugar or sodium, the natural citrus flavorings give them a low* PH which is bad for your enamel. Never expected this question to get 800+ comments. No junk, nothing to worry about… right? Sugary carbonated beverages are definitely even worse than just carbonated beverages (which aren't that great for enamel to begin with). The CO2 can be rough on your teeth, but that is no different than soda, and its still zero calorie with no sweetener. You can also swish regular water around in your mouth after guzzling a can of LaCroix to combat its mild corrosive effects. This might be one of those things that varies person-to-person. Edit: right. Carbonated beverages tend to make me feel hungry again sooner. I know the ulcer part because I used to have one. It really helped to make me feel full after a meal. And plain old water, coming it at 7 on the pH scale, is as neutral as it gets. Specifically, La Croix? I’ve never heard anyone (besides my mom) say it’s gross. Does it make a difference? They spent so much time wondering if they could make it, they didn’t ask themselves if they should. The reason for the tiny hole on a beer faucet is to let off co2. • The bubbles and the flavoring make the drinks more acidic, which can erode your tooth … Is sparkling water bad for your teeth? If you're comparing the sugar intake between a La Croix and a Coke, then yes, the sparkling water is better for you. With that in mind, refrain from sipping sparkling water every few minutes and swishing it in your mouth. I always think it this way l, if it's bad for your overall health then it must be bad for your teeth. The stuff is fantastic. The CO2 can be rough on your teeth, but that is no different than soda, and its still zero calorie with no sweetener. I could go without water for the rest of my life. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Carbonated water also contains carbonic acid, which makes the beverage even more acidic, and therefore potentially more damaging to the enamel on your teeth. I will carry on drinking my fizzy water but watch out for my teeth! 21 comments Holding it in your mouth and letting your teeth soak in it would be bad. Not to mention, LaCroix and other sparkling waters totally count toward your hydration for the day—and staying hydrated is one of the simplest healthy things you can do for yourself, according to Taylor C. Wallace, Ph.D., C.F.S, F.A.C.N., CEO at Think Healthy Group, certified food scientist, and professor in the department of nutrition and food studies at George Mason University. (self.Dentistry) submitted 10 months ago * by kingofthe_vagabonds ive read that despite lacroix and similar beverages having no sugar or sodium, the natural citrus flavorings give them a low* PH which is bad for your enamel. Drinking a case a day is likely to cause you real tooth pain, especially if you already suffer from caries disease. It is not intended to be a substitute for professional advice, diagnosis or treatment. Not significantly worse than diet soda for your teeth. I drink it like crazy and have never had any issues, but i also am pretty regular with my brushing and flossing and don't really eat a ton of carbs. While the fruits may be good for your body, they aren’t always that good for your teeth. They found the effect of the drinks on the teeth … If you love LaCroix as much as we do (#LaCroixLife, FTW!) The only problem is it can cause potential damage to teeth and stomach lining over time. Press J to jump to the feed. Sparkling water is far better for your teeth than sugary drinks. Newsflash: Experts Say LaCroix Could Be Bad for Your Teeth Desiree O. Jun 29, 2017 . When it comes to celebrating the sense of occasion inherent in partaking of a La Croix, not just any accessories will do. Edit: right. Today in tragic news: Seltzer might be bad for your teeth. Milk, on the other hand, is nearly neutral with a pH of 6.8. Weird. I drink the Lacroix water like a sponge. Also if you have an ulcer, co2 is bad again. However, a quick swish with regular water after drinking will rinse/neutralize the acid and prevent enamel erosion. The increased acidity is probably what did it. What it does contain is acid. Relevance. In addition, be sure to drink plenty of regular, fluoridated water, too—it’s the best beverage for your teeth . August 7, 2018 by Angela Anagnost-Repke. Reddit, you will find every ambiguity, won't you. I drink the Lacroix water like a sponge. It’s far tastier than any of the other poser flavored waters too. I love la croix though, and haven’t had any issues. FB Tweet. Edit: Thanks for all the replies! Anonymous. Just stay away from coconut lacroix. fizzy water tends to be more acidic so it's going to impact your teeth more than anything else when compared to still. So perhaps, like many other people, you've turned to carbonated water to fill that cold, bubbly niche in your life. As someone who makes beverages and sodas, be wary that in some countries even though it says no sodium, it might still contain lots of sodium. I know drinking too much is bad. The stuff is fantastic. 1 decade ago. I could be totally wrong, but co2 could be bad for your teeth. • Drinking flavored sparkling water might make your teeth more susceptible to cavities, dentists say. source: I help install/design tap systems as part of my job. (Hello, cavities!) is this sarcasm or are you saying its bad for my tongue somehow. So if you drink it as your prumary hydration source for a while it can damage your teeth. The teeth had been coated in varnish, apart from a half-a-centimetre-diameter test area which was left unvarnished. We've all read the reports and articles detailing how the sugar in pop will rot our teeth, cause obesity, or give us diabetes. There are plenty of water additions they can make with different types of salts that dont count toward the fda sodium content standards but will still act like salts in your body. I did it when I first started cutting calories. In 2016, the popularity of seltzer waters like LaCroix reached a fever pitch. Because it's nasty. pretty much. Is LaCroix bad for your teeth? One question mark: flavorings. As it turns out, drinking all that flavored sparkling water we’ve been buying in bulk — including our beloved LaCroix — could be damaging our teeth! Email. LaCroix is still much better for your teeth than regular soda. I don't see why it wouldn't be OK, it's just water with CO2 in it. Low pH liquids an… Is Sparkling Water Bad For Your Teeth? Edit - yes everyone, as I said in follow ups, it is acidic. La Croix is no doubt a healthier substitute to soda, and it doesn’t contain sugar. Here is a good study on the topic:, How about fizzy water with sugar artificial colors and flavors. i'm trying to drop weight, and greatly increased the amount of la croix i was drinking last month. Therefore in moderation is always the best to go. La Croix (pronounced “La-Croy”), the delicious bubbly drink that’s become ubiquitous, is free of calories, added sugars, sweeteners, and sodium, and it’s got a very short ingredient list. Water with fluoride naturally helps fight cavities, washes away the leftover food cavity-causing bacteria feast on and keeps your mouth from becoming dry (which can put you at a higher risk of cavities). It's safe for you. But like everything in life, LaCroix should be enjoyed in moderation. … VERIFY: LaCroix is bad for your teeth? When it comes to deciding between a can of sugary soda or a LaCroix, the sparkling water is a much better choice for your overall health: soda makes you gain weight, puts you at risk for several chronic diseases, and destroys your teeth worse than plain old sparkling water. We don’t want to get too technical but just so you can get how real this is – Orange juice, which is highly acidic, has a pH balance of about 3.5. NBD. 3 Answers. no, but its even healthier if u make your own sparkling … Not terrible, but it isn't something I would drink daily. I find fizzy water less boring than normal flat water. the only real difference is the PH level. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. the only negative for me was i got super gassy. More. Cookies help us deliver our Services. Better than most other soft drinks. … 258 Shares At the beach or … The good news is that La Croix and its ilk are still likely far less damaging to teeth than regular soda. Just practice moderation between meals and you shouldn't have to worry about it. Other brands quickly popped up, and by 2018, there wasn't a Millennial, rapper, or Instagram influencer who wasn't touting its greatness as the next, best "all-natural" alternative to drinking soda, aka the Devil's spawn. Pinterest. If you prefer to drink seltzer, try swishing with water or a pH correcting rinse after indulging. The damage could potentially be minimal, but it's more than plain water. Sammy Nickalls. Enjoying the occasional La Croix is probably fine. Same goes for coffee. Favourite answer. Sparkling waters are refreshing, delicious, pretty to look at, and really fun to pronounce (La Croix, duh) -- but a new study suggests that they may actually be bad for your pearly whites. 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